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About Corporate X

cor·po·rate: (kôrpr-t, kôrprt) adj.
1. Formed into a corporation; incorporated:
2. Of or relating to a corporation:
3. United or combined into one body; collective:
4. Of or relating to a corporative government or political system.

1. An unknown quantity

proj·ect: (prjkt, -kt) n.
1. A plan or proposal; a scheme.
2. An undertaking requiring concerted effort:

Vocals: Christine DeLeon
Music: Casper Xavier
Production: Van Christie

Formed from the dissolution of popular Chicago band iKANDi, Corporate X have solidified their position in the modern alternative music scene. Their highly original and unconventional sound is the result of a mixture of intelligent pop, down-tempo electronica, and an alternative rock groove that blends seamlessly. Merging the melodic, groove-driven guitars and impressive programming of Casper Xavier with the seductive, ethereal vocals of Christine DeLeon, Corporate X forms a cohesive union that beckons you in with elements that span the emotional and musical spectrums. Never ones for resting on their laurels, Corporate X proudly stand alone at a time when many groups are apt to parrot the latest musical trend.

The group recorded their debut album “Surrender” in 2007 at Studio 660 in Chicago with producers Abel Garibaldi (R. Kelly, Britney Spears) and Van Christie (Die Warzau, Sister Machine Gun). The live performances supporting the release garnered a heavy level of exposure that quickly propelled Corporate X to headliner status, playing throughout the Chicago club circuit. The singles “With You” and “Mother Earth” earned a lot of attention, with both tracks hitting the five star mark, holding the Best of All Time positions, and being awarded the prestigious Track of the Week award from the well respected music site Garageband. This presence has led to album sales across the continental U.S. and overseas in Sweden and Japan, along with Corporate X being featured on Chicago’s top FM radio stations Q101 and WXRT 93, airplay on NPR, and a slot on Paste Magazine’s list of top 10 shows alongside Chicago legends The Smashing Pumpkins and Ministry.

With the 2011 release of “X Project”, the group ventures into unknown territory while exploring a new musical paradigm. The band has abandoned the traditional and formulaic idea of a structured band for the freedom that an experimental project provides. The new project allows the members to step outside their defined roles and explore new creative avenues such as collaborating with other talented musicians and developing new layers that compliment the existing sound. This is a new era for Corporate X. The music still captures the hypnotic allure that fans have come to love, while introducing new writing styles and production techniques that elevate the project to a previously unattained level. This is a natural and organic evolution that allows the listener to experience the Corporate X sound in a whole new way.

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